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off-cpu flame graphs with perf

Linux perf_events Off-CPU Time Flame Graph - Brendan Gregg

2015年2月26日· Here I'll show one way to do off-CPU time flame graphs using Linux perf_events. Example (click to zoom): Unlike the CPU flame graph, in this graph the width …

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    Off-CPU Flame Graphs - Brendan Gregg

    2017年12月24日· Off-CPU Flame Graph. On-CPU performance issues can solved using CPU Flame Graphs. That leaves off-CPU issues: the time spent by processes and threads when they are not running on-CPU. If this time is spent …


    performance - Off-CPU flame graphs with perf: what should the …

    2017年5月14日· I've been following these instructions for generating an off-CPU flame graph for my code. However, when I get to this step: perf script -f …

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    Linux 火焰图(on-cpu , off-cpu , memory)_zhuyong006的博客 …