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military medals for the army

49 Military Medals and What They Mean - Newsweek

2021年3月10日· Mark Wilson / Getty Medal of Honor The Medal of Honor is the highest and most coveted military decoration the U.S. government can bestow on a member of the Armed Forces. Presented by the president ...


United States Military Decorations and Medals, Listed In Order By …

168 列· This list contains all decorations and awards in the military in order of precedence. …

  • ORDERDECORATION NAME1Medal of Honor2Distinguished Service Cross (Army)3Navy Cross4Air Force Cross查看 www.military-ranks.org 上的所有 168 行

    Awards and decorations of the United States Armed Forces

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      U.S. military awards currently issued to service members· See also· References

      Army Medals and Ribbons Chart

      The Army Medal of Honor was first awarded in 1862 and redesigned in 1904 and patented by the War Department to keep the integrity of the medal. The present medal is a five-pointed …


      Top 15 Military Medals / Awards Ranked & Explained